Bluffton, SC Named One of the 25 Best Places to Retire in America!

retire in bluffton scIf you’re nearing or at retirement age, you might be starting to consider your plans for the upcoming years, including the location in which you’ll spend your post-work years. To assist with those searching for the ideal retirement local, Forbes put together a list of their Top 25 Cities for Retirement, and unsurprisingly, Bluffton, SC made the list!

What’s Important for Retirees to Consider?

When choosing your ideal locale for retirement, there are a few standout factors to consider. First, you’ll likely have a reduced income, which means choosing an affordable place—with a low cost of living and a low median home price. Additionally, you’ll likely have more free time, so finding a place situated within close proximity to lots of cultural or educational amenities is ideal. And finally, you’ll want to make sure you stay active, so places with lots of recreational opportunities, as well as good weather, should also rank high.

How Did Forbes Choose the Cities for Its List?

To compile the list of Best Places to Retire, Forbes analyzed data from over 200 communities throughout the country. They compared factors such as the Cost of bluffton is a great place to retireLiving Index, the median home price, and retirement tax rates. Additional considerations went to the economy—for those who want to work part-time—violent crime rates, access to health care and doctors, and communities with plenty of activities and opportunities to stay active, which was based partially on walkability, bikeability, and volunteerism.

Why Did Forbes Choose Bluffton?

The pros definitely outweighed the cons for Bluffton! Good economy and low unemployment rate means plenty of job opportunities. There’s a good state income tax climate for retirees. The community itself is highly walkable and offers lots of opportunities for activity and outdoor exercise—and the weather is fairly warm year-round. The only cons were a cost of living and median home price—$260,000—just slightly higher than the national average, but both are still relatively low.

Ready to Find Your Retirement Home in Bluffton?

Bluffton, SC is a great town for retirement—or any age! Come explore this charming and blossoming community to learn just what amazing opportunities there are for enjoyment. Search homes for sale. Learn more about buying a home in Bluffton. And when you’re ready to find your home, contact me and let’s get started!

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