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Appeal your 2018 Taxes

A brief interview with a local appraiser, Bruce Goff and Robbie Bunting. Notices of the tax reassessment are being mailed at the end of August. Values are based on sales that took place between 2013 and 2017. If you have a question about your value, call your local REALTOR. You can also call a local appraiser or Bruce Goff at (843)683-4444. There is a 90 day window to file an appeal.

Your private chef on Hilton Head Island

Catering Hilton Head Style! Chef Aram is a private chef on Hilton Head Island. Chef caters big to small events for Island visitors and locals in their home or rental property. This short video introduces you to Chef Aram. Please visit to preview his menu and to schedule your next visit and event.


Property Taxes and The Appeal Process for Hilton Head Island, SC

Even if you did not appeal your taxes last year by December 15, 2013, there is still an opportunity to file an appeal this October and before January 15, 2015.   If successful in your appeal, you could enjoy savings for the next four years(rather than five) as our county assesses properties every five years. Read the rest of this entry - See more at: http://blo>

Insurance needed for owning on Hilton Head Island, SC 

Buying a home or villa in the Hilton Head Area?  Scott Callen with Callen Insurance Services explains what is needed in the Low Country and the Hilton Head Area including HO6 Policies for villas and condos.

FALL 2014...Real Estate Update for Hilton Head Island

A short video update on the real estate market on Hilton Head Island and the events happening this fall.

Taking great care of your Second Home..on Hilton Head Island

Meet Terry Sundling with Absentee by the Sea.  Terry helps second home owners keep an eye on their property from afar.  His company makes routine visits to home and villas, oversees projects, arranges cleaning services, is a first responder to alarm system, hurricane preparation, coordinates service personnel and completes photo documentation of  the properties under his care.  Not only does this help the owner keep up with their property, but these records can build value in the resale.  Please visit to find out more about Absentee by the sea.  Thank you.

A Great Way to rent your property...Hilton Head Properties R and R

Meet Darcey Sundling with  Darcey is the property manager for vacation homes and villas on Hilton Head Island.  The best way to explain the benefits is with the short video above covering these key questions.

•How can you increase my rental income?
•How will you take better care of my property?

It's All About Home - Shipyard

Shipyard Plantation is an 800 acre community on the south end of Hilton Head Island that provides a beautiful blend of residential and resort vacation living. Featuring single family homes and villas, Shipyard Plantation is also a perfect place to own rental property. Many of the Shipyard Plantation homes and villas for sale overlook fairways and fresh water lakes. The Beach Club at Shipyard Plantation is located on the beach and offers direct private access for residents, renters and guests.  Read More 


It's All About Home - Sea Pines

Sea Pines is the first of the communities on Hilton Head Island. It has great amenities, bike paths, people and breath taking spots for one to enjoy.  Sea Pines holds great beauty and wonder throughout the seasons. From mind calming sunsets in Harbourtown to invigorating sun rises on its beach, this is one very special place in the world. Below are just some of Sea Pines many characteristics.  Read More


It's all About Home - Hilton Head Plantation

Hilton Head Plantation encompasses nearly 4,000 acres of breathtaking natural beauty and is bounded by the Intracoastal Waterway and Port Royal Sound.  This short video introduces some of the amenities including golf, boating, swimming and Dolphin Head Beach.  Located on Hilton Head Island, Hilton Head Plantation features homes, villas and home sites that are residential.  Read More



It's All About Home - Port Royal

Behind the gates, Port Royal on Hilton Head Island is a residential oceanfront community with a great master plan. The community offers approximately 900 single family homes and 71 undeveloped home sites, with each home site ranging in size from 1/4 acre to well over an acre. Just outside the gates is the Westin Hotel, The Port Royal Tennis Village and all that Hilton Head Island offers.


It's All About Home -Palmetto Hall

Palmetto Hall is located in the center of  Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.  This refreshing community offers a residential neighborhood in a subtropical setting with convenient access to the beach, dining, shopping and schools.  With over 750 acres and 524 homes, this community is pulled together by a flexible membership.  Defined by size and brought together by a great membership, Palmetto Hall is a unique and wonderful community.


It's All About Home - Palmetto Dunes

Located between the Atlantic Ocean and Broad Creek on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina, Palmetto Dunes offers championship golf, world class tennis and a unique blend of resort and residential properties.  On the sunrise side of Palmetto Dunes you will fall in love with over 3 miles of private beach access.  In the center, the 11 mile lagoon offers waterfront views and fun.  On the sunset side in Shelter Cove you will enjoy a deep water marina, watersports, shops, restaurants, sunsets and cocktails.  Altogether it is easy to understand why Palmetto Dunes is America's  #1 Family Resort!


It's All About Home - Forest Beach

Forest Beach on Hilton Head Island includes a great beach town feeling centered around a great beach park, shops and restaurants. This Hilton Head neighborhood consists of North and South Forest Beach real estate areas, which offer convienent easy access to three miles of beautful pristine beaches. - See more at:


It's All About Home - Wexford Plantation

Behind the gates of Wexford is a wonderful community defined by size and brought together by a great club.  This beautiful community offers acres of waterfront with its unique lock system and its natural beauty is enhanced by fabulous architecture.  On our visit we met with Susan Fishel, General Manager and Sarah Smith, Member Services.  The short video above touches on the great community, the neighbors, the club and its membership.  See below the top 10 Reasons to consider Wexford for your home or second home.


Renovation Revolution on Hilton Head!

In the case of Hilton Head Island, it was started in 1957 by Charles Fraser when he and his brother Joseph started the Sea Pines Company.  Frasers’ original vision for development was to embrace the environment and create a resort that offered a lifestyle unique to the Low-Country. With beaches, golf, tennis, nature trails, shops, restaurants, marinas and equestrian activities, Hilton Head Island originally created the demand for visitors and residents to visit and live on Hilton Head Island.   Read the rest of this entry



As-Is on Hilton Head Island

Purchasers and sellers of Hilton Head Property will run across "as-is" in the contract form and may wonder what exactly this means to them.  As a buyer or seller, the as-is part of the contract allows information about the home to be put on the table.  Typically "as-is" means a seller will convey the property with systems in good working order, relatively sound and free of water leaks(less normal wear and tear).  If you would like to review this section of the contract visit and type in as-is in the search section.



Hilton Head Visit Pre-Approvals

There will be no pity in be-back city for Hilton Head buyers after this summer.   While many have been lucky the last few years in delaying their Hilton Head purchasing decision, market research shows supply dropping as buyers get off the fence.  Buyer confidence is building and even higher priced properties are dropping in supply shown by the table below.  Looks like local REALTORS, lenders, inspectors and attorneys are going to have a HOT summer on Hilton Head in 2013!



Hilton Head 1st Quarter Real Estate Report

Hilton Head Island, SC - Real estate on Hilton Head Island for the first quarter of 2013 saw an increase in home sales, a drop in villa sales and a flat market for home-site sales.  This short video reports the sales on Hilton Head Island and is presented by Robbie Bunting at Hilton Head Properties.  Tad Segars, Jane Hyers and John Bonwitt are agents with Hilton Head Properties.


Hilton Head By Boat

Hilton Head is beautiful from the water.  Most of the Island marinas offer power boat, paddle board and kayak rentals to begin a water adventure.  The inland waters surrounding Hilton Head are easy to navigate with local charts, GPS and guidance that comes with your rental.  Hilton Head marinas are located on the sunset side of the Island.  These marinas offer and air and feeling that is unique to itself with waterfront dining opportunities.  Marina hopping can include great locations with easy Island Hopping.


Hilton Head by Bike!

Hilton Head Island now offers over 53 miles of public bike paths, 50 miles of private bike paths and over 12 miles of hard pack sand for biking. How does it get any better?  The town has recently been adding more bike paths and informational kiosks around the Island. These kiosks offer information about nearby parks, beach access and areas of interest.



Hilton Head Realtors Care!

REALTORS sell more than homes, they sell the community.   The greater Hilton Head Area prides itself on volunteerism.  Today, we have three Realtors that will share how they participate in the community. They care about their community and share with you how they give back.


Hilton Head RBC Heritage and Spring!

Hilton Head Island has celebrated the Heritage since 1969.  While golf is the main attraction, the RBC Heritage is a tradition where we gather together to enjoy the rites of spring.  It is a time when Islanders, tourists, touring pros and volunteers enjoy azaleas in full bloom, new and old friendships, fabulous weather and a week full of fun.  The Heritage is much more than just great golf, its about tradition.


The Dirt on Hilton Head, Bluffton and Daufuskie Land

Get the scoop on why this is the best time to buy a homesite in the Hilton Head Area.  Bank financing, compelling prices and available properties, makes buying homesites a "buyer alert" opportunity.  Get your foot in the door and buy land on Hilton Head, in Bluffton or Daufuskie today.


Sweetspot for Hilton Head Vacation Properties

A short video on how to find the best price for your property!  All sellers are asking the same question.  If there are no comps and nothing like my property, how can you determine the best value?  We have a program that helps a seller find the sweetspot for their property that will get them more showings and offers.  This system tests the amount of activity and offers measurable feedback for the seller to make important decisions from.  Sellers need to have offers that they can work with and our systems will give them the highest possible selling price based on "activity".


Hilton Head Rental Property Readiness!

Home and villa owners that rent their properties can get ready for the rental season with a deep clean and some other ideas suggested by Robert Stenhammer at Hilton Head Accomodations.  Please visit www.bloghiltonheadrealtor.comfor a rental ready checklist.


Hilton Head Island's Beach Guru

Hilton Head Properties welcomes Tad Segars as Partner.  Prior to entering his real estate career over 26 years, Tad co-owned the beach service on Hilton Head Island.  Working the beach everyday, Tad knows these beaches better than anyone.  This short video is why the Hilton Head Beaches are the best in the world!  Email Tad today at tad@tadsegars.comor call me at (843)785-7111.

Absolute Auction on Hilton Head Oceanfront

The auction was March 8, 2013 and we succesfully marketed this property and genrated 8 bidders on Auction Day.  Not only did we find a closing date for our seller, we were able to generate a bid higher than the last 2 years in this community. The property was 4,650 sqft oceanfront in the Leamington section of Palmetto Dunes.  Call or email if you would like more details of this auction or the auction process (843)785-7111.  Thank You.


A Great Attitude on Hilton Head!

How is your attitude?  Are you looking to improve it or do you need to overcome your fears?  I was given this book by Phillip Stringer and it helped me overcome fears by changing my attitude.  The book is interactive and if you are take a passage and read it everyday, than write your feelings and thoughts, it will help you find the strength and attitude to change.   You can order books or find out more about the book by contacting Phillip Stringer at

We will go great depths for our Clients!

I will go to great depths for my buyers and seller clients and while we could not find any buyers for our sellers properties on this dive, we are always looking!  This is a short video of a southern stingray swimming.  You will see a diver that they ray swims towards, that's me! 

 HNY!  Hilton Head Properties

A short video thanking our clients, friends and fellow agents for their support of our new office located at 12 New Orleans Road on Hilton Head Island.  We have been honored to work and help you with real estate in the past and are very excited about the future.

Hilton Head is on a Roll! November 2012

Some Hilton Head buyers and sellers may be shell shy from the past few years, but they need to get over it if they want to take advantage of timing their real estate move.  Hilton Head Inventories are dropping and for buyers and sellers it is time to jump back into the real estate market.  The past has shown us that the fear of future events is greater than the reality as we move out of the housing recession, elections and anything else that stands in the way of the housing recovery.  The Hilton Head housing market is on a slow roll. Read the rest of this entry




Hilton Head Island ~ Home and Auto Insurance Savings?

The short video above with Robbie Holmquist offers information about Home Insurance in the Hilton Head Area of South Carolina.  Robbie presents a new wind policy that can be combined with a Home Owner policy with the possible benefit of saving on the premium with more coverage.  Contact Robbie Holmquist or Brooke Cucinella at (843)524-4500 or emails: or


Hilton Head Island ~ Market Trend Information for Buyers and Sellers

Based on recent market research, buyers and sellers didn’t negotiate as much in last month on Hilton Head Island.  The average list to sell price hovered in the 95% range for homes and villas in almost all price categories on the Island.  Factors that may have contributed to this include good pricing, falling inventories and relatively stable prices.  Listed below are some other observations we noted in our market research. Read the rest of this entry

Maps of Hilton Head Ilsand and Bluffton

Everyone loves a good map.  The maps of Hilton Head Island and its communities offer the opportunity for buyers to research the location before they ever jump in the agents car.  We have posted maps for Hilton Head communities below and some communities off Hilton Head Island.  Our short video above covers the location and information about Hilton Head Island  Read the rest of this entry


Hilton Head Island ~ Condo, Villas and Home financing

Hilton Head Island, SC ~ A short video on villa/condo financing.  Mike Quigley with TD bank offers villa financing that does not require Freddie or Fannie approvals because TD Portfolios their loans.  In addition, TD Bank does not place any requirements or restrictions regarding an H0-6 Policy which most banks do.  It should also be mentioned that TD Bank offers financing for Canadians without typical challenges.  Call Mike Quigley for villa and home financing at (843)341-4558 or e-mail at

Top Question Villa Buyers should ask


Hilton Head Home Insurance - Wind Policies

Robbie Holmquist in this short video tells us that there is a new policy where homeowners can combine their wind policy with their home owners policy with a possible big savings on their premiums. 

Top Question Villa Buyers should ask

Summer season kicks off the villa buying season on Hilton Head Island.  Watch this short video on the questions potential buyers should ask their real estate agent


10 Top Reasons to Sell your property on Hilton Head in 2012. 

While no one has a crystal ball, the current Hilton Head Real Estate Market offers sellers some excellent opportunities this year Reasons for Sellers to Sell in 2012 including the end of the Bush Era Tax. Including O'Bama Tax and the shadow inventory sellers need to jump in the market in 2012~



Hilton Head Short Sale Negotiator

Learn from one of our investor/short sale negotiators how to buy distressed property.  If you are a seller we have investors like John that can meet with you and design a closing program for you. 



Boost Your Hilton Head Rentals

Three easy ways to increase your vacation rentals and fill up those empty weeks and days on your Hilton Head Property. Robert Stenhammer with Hilton Head Accomodations shares with us these easy ideas.




Hilton Head's Best Shrimp

Learn from Barnacle Bill how to pick out the freshest shrimp and learn his secret on how to cook it.  




Dream Home Experience on Hilton Head

Karen Verechio and David Crowell discuss the opportunities and the challenges the real estate market.  The key is to focus on the goal or outcome when buying real estate today.  Karen never let go of her goal and worked with Robbie Bunting and David Crowell to help her achieve the purchase of her Dream Home.


Medicare Tax and Real Estate?

A quick video with Paul Griz, CPA explaining the Medicare Tax that is effective January 1, 2013 and how it will effect owners that sell their properties.  This tax does not apply to all sellers.  Please visit for more information about this tax.


Hilton Head's Selling Seasons

A video showing when the best time to sell on Hilton Head takes place.  Please visit for more information about these selling seasons.


HUD1~Closing Costs for Buyers and Sellers

A short video with CPA Paul Griz giving us information on the closing costs for buyers and sellers and possible deductions available.



Port Royal

A short 2 minute video of Port Royal Plantation located on Hilton Head Island.  This community offers 3 miles of shoreline, 54 holes of golf, 20 tennis courts, resort villas and residential homes.



Sea Pines

Sea Pines is the first of the communities on Hilton Head Island. It has great amenities, bike paths, people and breath taking spots for one to enjoy.  Sea Pines holds great beauty and wonder throughout the seasons. From mind calming sunsets in Harbourtown to invigorating sun rises on its beach, this is one very special place in the world. Below are just some of Sea Pines many characteristics: Read the rest of this entry



The Hilton Head Tree Story

Have you ever heard the Hilton Head Tree story? If you have never been to the Island or never heard the story it goes something like this: On Hilton Head Island we have protected our trees way before development really cranked up. Our century old live oaks, palmettos, magnolias, pines and all the other trees are considered one of the town’s most valuable assets.  Hilton Head Island put in place a plan, after all, they are our breathing buddies!



Hilton Head Island, South Carolina 

The natural beauty of Hilton Head never seems to change in this constantly changing world. The beaches, the communities, the shopping, the dining, the waterways and the attitude on Hilton Head Island seem to be a constant we all crave in this changing world. As a Hilton Head Realtor, I get to drive around this Island everyday and show the features, advantages and benefits of life on an Island. The great thing about selling this Island is some things never change. Read the rest of this entry


We want to be the last Realtor you hire!

We just closed on a 3 bedroom villa on the Island that had been listed with 4 previous agents before the seller came to us to get the job done.  If you want a property sold, read over some of these seller testimonials, watch our You Tube below and give us a call or shoot us an email.  You can also fill out our raving fan worksheet and fax it back to 1-866-680-1137. We cannot exceed your expectations unless we know what they are. We love this real estate market and can show you how to get your property sold. Our email is, our webstite is  and our direct line is (843)842-0805.  All the best, Robbie Bunting and Jane Hyers.



Beaufort County ~ Delinquent Tax Sale

Here's the skinny on the upcoming delinquent tax sale for Beaufort  County.  The opening bid  includes, delinquent taxes for 2010, all penalties and fees, plus the current year taxes for 2011. This is the minimum opening bid.  They accept Visa!  Owners will have up to 12 months to redeem their real property paying you interest for the time that you carried the property (interest shall not exceed the opening bid).  If real property is not redeemed, a delinquent tax sale deed is issued to the successful bidder.  All stamp fees and preparation costs must be paid prior to the deed recording and the property is deeded lien free.



Hurricanes and Hilton Head Island

One of the top questions we get as real estate agents on Hilton Head Island is what about the Hurricanes? The short video above addresses the unique location of Hilton Head.  Of course, we suggest being safe and plan ahead first and foremost. In this video Robbie Bunting and Jane Hyers cover what typically happens to the storms that travel along the east coast and how Hilton Head's unique location has been a blessing. Knocking on the wood of a 300+ year old oak that we are sitting under helps support this theory!


We have international exposure for Hilton Head Island and our properties! 

We met with Steve Wilmot, the Tournament Director for The RBC Heritage locally sponsored by Boeing. The Heritage is Hilton Head Island's very best marketing program as it reaches internationally attracting visitors and players.  It is also televised all over the world and our sellers, buyers and business owners all benefit year round from this one week of golf.  If you would like to buy a ticket or find out how you can help support the Heritage, just click here.


Hilton Head Inspections

Rick Puplava of Southeast Inspection Services on Hilton Head Island shares with us ideas for buyers when they are purchasing a home or villa in the Hilton Head Area.  Rick offers inspections and invited the buyer along to learn more about the property that they are purchasing.  He also suggests having the property reinspected prior to closing with his services for $85.00 for the re-inspect fee.  Southeast Inspection Services can be reached at (843)757-1950




Do you have a financial strategy?

David Crowell offers a free financial strategy session for buyers on Hilton Head Island and Bluffton.  Watch this video, find out about some of the lowest rates in 40 years and contact David to set up a strategy that works for you.


Half Time in the Hilton Head Real Estate Market Update by Robbie Bunting

A brief update with David Crowell from Mortgage Network about the first half of 2011 and what we may expect in the second half.  David shed's some great insight and wisdom to the Hilton Head Market.

Hilton Head Short Sales - What Are They?

This short video with Sam Cavanaugh explains the short sale benefits for purchasers and sellers.  Sam is a short sale negotiator on Hilton Head Island and helps the process move along between the bank, the seller and the purchaser.

State your Hilton Head Property and start packing!

This short video about staging a property helps agents and sellers understand that staging helps a property sell and not sit.  Kelly Hughes with Designing to Sell, explains some simple steps to get moving.

 Dunes Marketing Group's Difference #1

This interview with Dunes Marketing Group's Director of Sales, Bill Baldwin highlites the benefits of great office locations and a well trained sales force as factors in being one of the top real estate companies on Hilton Head Island.  Watch this short video with Robbie Bunting, Jane Hyers and Bill Baldwin.


Long Term Rental Demand on Hilton Head Island 

This video high lites the demand for Long Term(annual) rentals on Hilton Head Island. Keith Miller owner of Miller Long Term Rentals talks about the current rental market and what is driving the shortage of good rental properties. 


A Hilton Head Appraisal Update with Bruce Goff

 A local Hilton Head appraiser shares his insites in the Hilton Head Real Estate Market.  Bruce Goff gives a look at the present market and the opportunity it offers new purchasers.     

 Bistro 17 - A Short Video of this Great Restaurant in Shelter Cove Harbor

With the fabulous indoor and outdoor dining, Bistro 17 offers fabulous salads, incredible dining and an ambiance that is fabulous.  Overlooking the Marina, promenade and boats, this pet friendly restaurant is one of our favorites.  Mention this You Tube for a 10% discount on your dining.  Open 7 days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Hilton Head Financing Update July 2011

This two minute video answers the three questions every buyer has. David Crowell of Mortgage Network answers these questions and together we encourage everyone to apply and see where they are.

Buy this Rental Machine or Second Home Dream 

This oceanfront 3 bedroom will gross over $60,000 again this year.  The ocean views and sweeping verandas are unbelievable. 


A happy house in a great community for sale

This home is light and bright..big and wonderful.  With 4 or 5 bedrooms and two big suites on the main floor, this home features some great spaces. 


The best waterfront home on Hilton Head

With private dock and waterfront pool, this home offers incredible mill work, a summer kitchen and all the spaces you will ever need.


Building a New Home on Hilton Head

An interview with Tom Jacoby at the new home his company just built on Hilton Head Island for $138 a square foot.  This home includes 2,800 heated square feet, 750 sq ft walk up attic, 850 sq ft garage and 190 sq ft screeed porch.


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